Friday, March 10, 2017

Diogo Morgado and Pedro Morgado talk about "Malapata"

Diogo Morgado and Pedro Morgado, who co-wrote their upcoming film "Malapata," were recently on the "Germano Campos Entrevista" radio show on RDP Internancional to discuss the comedy, which Diogo also directed, and which will be released in theaters in Portugal on March 16th.  Luckily for us, host Germano Campos shared a video of the brothers' visit to his show, and even more luckily for us, our amazing friend Dina sent in a translation of the short but sweet video, posted just below.   

 (video of courtesy of Germano Campos Entrevista on Facebook)

Pedro Morgado (PM): One of the unforeseen events was Marco (HorĂ¡cio)'s situation
Diogo Morgado (DM): Marco broke his ribs ...
PM: Doing justice to the name "Malapata" [loosely translated, it means "bad luck"] he broke his ribs. It was not purposeful, but ... it was “Malapata”. He was a brave man.

Germano Campos (GC): You see that in the movie?
BOTH: No, no.
DM: When the movie is already in theaters, let's release the video of what happened.
PM: It was a very complicated situation.
DM: One day! We only had one day to film in the theater. We had everything marked and organized. First scene, going down the stairs, Marco Horacio falls and breaks his ribs.  Goes to the hospital, and the whole morning went out to space.
PM: It wasn't any worse, because Marco was brave.
DM: A great professional.
PM: Bandaged up ... "the show must go on"... and we went back to the theater... I went to the hospital with him ...
DM: Did you see how he went in? Did you see how he went in?
(Both laugh.)
DM: Tell it. That [part]'s important... Marco, an absolutely incredible professional, he was all dressed up and made up as a woman, broke his ribs and what happens?
PM: This was a scene they were doing ... from ...
DM: Don't give away everything ...
PM: Then you say it...
DM: They are dressed as women, transvestites ...
PM: And it was precisely after they were properly made up ...
DM: False eyelashes ... Wigs ....
PM: That it happened, what happened. We called the paramedics and Marco Horacio was in those preparations (dressed/made up like a woman).
DM: The makeup artist even said "let's take it all off for you to go to the hospital" and Marco Horacio says "What? NO! Nothing is to be taken off because otherwise it will take much longer to do." "But Marco, you're all dressed up"... (Diogo imitates Marco's fake eyelashes, blinking And it was not Carnival ... "you're not going to the hospital like this." "I'm going, I do not want to know. Otherwise, when I come back, it's another hour to make me up again ... It can not be ... Magda (the makeup artist), did so much work here and I'm going to take this off? No way!! I'll go there (to the hospital), do what I have to do, have it checked out, and then come back again. "
PM: He still did not even know what he had on...
DM: A big hug to Marco, he was a giant. A giant indeed. This is just to show you what a difference it makes to work with a motivated team.

- - - - -
(Rui Unas and Marco HorĂ¡cio in "Malapta" courtesy of Rui Unas on Instagram)

"Malapata" opens in theaters on THURSDAY, the 16th, for all you lucky people in Portugal.  :)  Please share your thoughts on the movie with us online, and as always, obrigada to Dina for the translation!


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