"O Matador" - Upcoming Netflix Film (UPDATED)

Netflix has released the first images AND the trailer for "O Matador," its upcoming Brazilian film starring Diogo Morgado.

No official release date or information on which countries it will be released in has been given for "O Matador" yet, other than saying the film will be released on Netflix sometime later this year.  And although it is not subtitled, the first trailer for "O Matador" is amazing, no translation needed.  See for yourself:

(video courtesy of Netflix Brasil)
The film is written/directed by acclaimed filmmaker Marcelo Galvão, and also stars Will Roberts, who when they were filming "O Matador" in Brasil last year, did a podcast with Diogo called "FRAMETALK" that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

In "O Matador," whose rumored English title will be "Bounty Hunter," Diogo plays the lead character of "Cabeleira." The Netflix description of "O Matador" says: "Raised by a bandit in the isolated wilderness, Cabeleira grows up to be a feared killer in this original Western film set in Pernambuco, Brazil."  And based on some of the pictures and videos Diogo has been sharing online, "Cabeleira" could be like we've never seen Diogo before!

(photos courtesy of Diogo Morgado/Instagram)

So, while the wait for "O Matador" will be hard, but as with all things Diogo, it will DEFINITELY be worth the wait.  Stay tuned....

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